ADAMA PARIS风格不仅仅是一种穿衣方式,还反映了当代女性的情绪。


ADAMA PARIS品牌所针对的女性是优雅的现代女性,对于这类女性,最奢侈的东西就是最适合的东西。

ADAMA PARIS时装系列反映的是西方与非洲之间的分享之旅。


ADAMA PARIS品牌的理念就是非洲可以为世界制造时装。

ADAMA PARIS style is more than a way of dressing: in addition he reflects the moods of the contemporary woman.

Openness to other cultures is now set for all women who refuse to be submit to a reductive image, often defined by a single brand, a single culture.

ADAMA PARIS woman is an elegant modern woman, fo who the greatest luxury is to appropriate things,

The ADAMA PARIS line reflects this journey of sharing between the West and Africa.

The collections are often made with woven loincloth which is an organic cotton hand-woven by Senegalese artisans.

Fashion made in Africa for the world that is the mindset of ADAMA PARIS brand.