ZIOOD品牌是ZIO芝欧高级成衣定制品牌旗下的新晋儿童高端品牌,由设计师Safia Chen和主理人Alysa Bao于2017年7月创立上海,专注儿童高级礼服设计订制。



ZIOOD is an emerging  haute couture children's label under the ZIO high-fashion ready-to-wear  brand. It was founded in July 2017 in Shanghai by designer Safia Chen and owner-principal Alysa Bao, focusing on the design of children's high-end dress designs.

The main brand ZIO was established in San Francisco, the United States in 2009. With its simple and elegant style, it is rooted in the European and American markets, and spreads to dozens of countries around the world. As a full-line supplier of good quality products, ZIO hopes to develop more haute couture children's wear. 

Each piece of ZIOOD is carefully made even every 0.1 centimeter seam. ZIOOD respects and cares for every happy moments of each angel. All materials are provided by top suppliers from Europe, America and Japan. The collocations of natural silk, cotton and other natural fabrics with lace, beadwork, tassels, feathers and etc. strive to present the unique style of each piece. The well-selected fabrics and exquisite handwork fulfill every little angel a beautiful fairy-tale dream.