Kinga Krol的设计之旅源于中学艺术学校的那段求学时期,那时,她和其他同学一起为剧院演出设计木偶。几年后,她成为波兰高档服装品牌之一的针织产品线主要设计师。为了深入挖掘设计天赋,不受规矩限制,她创立了自有品牌CONFASHION,其风格全面阐释出她对时尚的理解。


CONFASHION - Polish brand, which over the years has established its unique character. There is no way to confuse it with any other. Much commendable is their use of technical solutions, like in the production of their original prints. In addition to a completely new concept of knitwear, Confashion offers a modern approach to pleated materials. Every season comes a pleasant surprise, within the worked out DNA of the brand however. One can safely say that it is one of the most colorful and joyful proposals on the Polish fashion market. The whole is maintained at the highest level both in terms of design and execution.

Kinga Krol began her design adventure in the secondary art school where, among others, she designed puppets for theater performances. Over the years, she became a pillar responsible for designing knitwear line in one of the biggest Polish premium clothing brands. To be able to further develop her talent in an unrestricted manner, she established a private brand CONFASHION, whose style and character is full of her individual approach to fashion.

The tone and identity of the collections is strongly affected by designer's cultural studies' background, which makes her reach for inspiration towards different intellectual references, in particular related to the visual and liberal arts.