也许是时候倾听隐藏的想法了。为了寻求个人对女性气质的创作灵感,莫斯科设计师Nikita Okishev转向了俄罗斯植物资源的花卉领域......在自己的领域里是谦逊而脆弱、细腻又迷人,他强调自然的首创优越性,反对傲慢的大众文化中的庸俗和诡计。他是当今时尚文明的权威偶像。用CENTEUREA这样悦耳又神秘的名字来命名一个有魅力的纺织艺术作品系列。我们给你一个愉悦的审美体验。让新款长裙、长袖衫、衬衣和外套像植物世界里的美丽生物一样自然地盛开!该系列仅选用适合各种密度的天然面料,以及天然羊毛织物,有机结合后犹如赋予了不同质地的丝绸和亚麻织物、提花面料及其搭配的有趣图案第二种效果。系列作品的主色调是针叶绿、石榴红和芥末黄,太阳的背景色一定是黑色。此外,系列最先展示的是与手有关的设计。我认为今年秋天在女人的衣柜中一定要有一款A字形的长裙、长过膝盖的马甲、经典的衬衫,当然,如果想要商务的打扮,你可以选择配有经典的印花和剪裁的长裙。毋庸置疑,这一切都取决于每位女性的个人风格,必须是可以让她感到舒适和自信的!

The concept of the brand is to create things manually and even in their imperfections to be beautiful. Combine traditional things with popular at the moment, things that after the podium can immediately get into the wardrobe. Clothing is my reaction to current events, so the brand is named after my name and surname. Fashion with the index "Made in Russia" is a confident step beyond its territorial origin. Spreads the breadth of the Russian soul and sympathetically agrees to the eastern hospitality of a prosperous Kazakhstan!Within the urban culture it is difficult to hear the thoughts of your own heart, which so yearns for elegance. It dreams dreamily not again, but again to see the beautiful ladies dressed in brocade fabrics, armed with the sparkling gleam of a stiletto heel and an avant-garde hat.

Maybe it's time to listen to the hidden thoughts. In search of inspiration for the creation of a personal ideology of femininity, the Moscow designer Nikita Okishev turned to the floral heritage of the Russian flora ... Fragile, refined, charming in his field modesty, he declares the pioneering superiority of nature against the kitschy shine of the arrogant mass culture. He is an authoritative idol for the fashionable civilization of the present. Collection with a melodically mysterious name CENTEUREA fascinates with the incredible beauty and charm of textile works of art. We give you a reason for aesthetic pleasure.And let the new dresses, caftans, blouses and coats blossom as naturally as the touchingly beautiful creatures of the plant world! The collection uses only natural fabrics, mostly suit fabrics of various densities and weave of natural wool, pleasantly organic as this creates a second impression after the visual, different texture silk matt and linen weave, jacquard fabrics with an interesting pattern, the main colors in the collection are coniferous green, pomegranate and mustard, and sun it is certainly in the background black. Also in the first were presented things related to the hand especially for the collection.In my opinion this autumn in the wardrobe of a woman must be necessarily a skirt of a long midi a-shaped silhouette, a vest is below the knee, a classical shirt blouse and, of course, dresses as business while you can use classic prints and interesting dresses in an interesting cut. And all of course depends on the personal style of every woman in which she feels comfortable and confident!