Kirsten是一个不可忽视的力量,且没有停止的迹象。她和她的商业伙伴一直在牵头成立并做大KIRSTEN LEY工作室来囊括“KIRSTEN LEY”时尚品牌;建立一个网络零售商店;制作多媒体内容;构建用户群体发展和营销计划; 发展伙伴关系;进行创新制造工艺的研究和开发等等。我们认为在西海岸设计和开发高级女士时装把温哥华打造成为一个高级时装城市是至关重要的。

“KIRSTEN LEY”品牌的主要目标是制作能够建立自信的,风格奢华的服装; 为温哥华独特的时尚市场贡献技能和见解,并对设计师进行有关时尚创作和设计艺术的教育和授权。 KIRSTEN LEY工作室目标是在一个对环境影响较小的框架内运作; 透明运作并引领新一轮社会责任“三重底线”事业。

FANTÔME plays with Snell’s law and the escapism of light as it dances and shimmers across semi-transparent and gathered materials. The collection is made entirely of natural materials down to the silk thread, and celebrates beautiful forms and gestures into voluminous personal space.

In October 2017, Ley travelled to Japan to show at Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week, to showcase FANTÔME. In November 2017, Ley also travelled to Perth, Western Australia, to showcase FANTÔME at Eco Fashion Week Australia.

As a designer, Ley’s primary target market is individuals with an adoration of finely-detailed, high-fashion creations. But as an educator and content developer, Ley’s target audience includes aspiring and future fashion designers.

Kirsten is a force to be reckoned with, and shows no sign of stopping. She and her business partner have been spearheading the establishment and development of KIRSTEN LEY Studios Inc., to encapsulate the “KIRSTEN LEY” fashion brand; build a web retail store; produce multimedia content; build an audience development and marketing programme; develop partnerships; research and development of innovative manufacturing processes, and so on. We feel that it’s essential to develop Vancouver as a city of high fashion, by designing and creating Haute Couture on the West Coast.

The main goals for the “KIRSTEN LEY” brand is to make confidence-inducing and stylistically extravagant clothing; to contribute skills and insights to Vancouver’s unique fashion market, and to educate and empower designers about the art of fashion creation and design. KIRSTEN LEY Studios Inc. aims to operate in an environmentally-low-impact framework; to operate transparently and lead a new wave of socially-responsible, ‘triple-bottom-line’ business.