REBELLIONAIRES于今年秋季首次亮相,当时其首席设计师Xenia Joost被提名为银针奖,这是只颁发给塔林时装周最佳设计的一个奖项。从一开始REBELLIONAIRES就因其潮流混搭和极繁主义印花而与众不同。REBELLIONAIRES的总部设在欧洲,但我们的目标一直是面向全球市场,设计适合大城市街头的大胆的印花图案和高质量的配件。



Brand history

Going back to early 2017 - a unique unisex brand for the youth was born.

REBELLIONAIRES made its debut fall 2017, when its head designer Xenia Joost was nominated for a Silver Needle award. From the beginning, REBELLIONAIRES is standing out with its eclectic style and maximalist prints. REBELLIONAIRES is based in Europe, but our goal has always been to land on the global market, offering courageous prints and high quality pieces that suit the big city streets.

Collection Synopsis

REBELLIONAIRES last collection stands for every young individual with an attitude. We think that boys can wear bright pink from head to toe and girls can choose riding dirt bikes in the mud as their career. The brand itself leans toward street style, offering a variety of clothes, backpacks and longboards in addition to lots of other lifestyle pieces, making style and comfort a priority. Having a unisex brand doesn’t necessarily mean using minimalistic colours and sticking to the gray, black and white color palette; vice versa - the crazier the patterns and colours, the better. Due to the high quality of the items, we suggest passing on our products to your younger sibling, friend or even your parent, promoting sustainability. We are also working on making our garments as sustainable as possible by using organic and recycled materials.