品牌AMOS ANANDA于 2014年7月推出,既是高档的男装品牌,也是男女皆宜的高档街头服饰品牌,其细节既豪华又实用,展现出运动而又精致的美感。 设计师的理念是要超越普通标准的期望。Amos Ananda Yeo说过,“如果你选择过普通的生活,你永远不会看到它会有多么神奇,或者你能达到什么样的效果。这适用于你的思维方式,也同样适用于日常的穿衣和风格。”正是因为这种心态和态度,这个品牌打造出服装构成的新视角,至今已推出第八个系列作品,并于2016年6月在巴黎向世界展示了新系列的首秀。

Launched in july,2014. AMOS ANANDA is an elevated menswear and unisex high streetwear label with details that are both luxurious and utilitarian, demonstrating an athletic yet sophisticated aesthetic. The designer's philosophy is choosing to excel beyond the expectations of being normal. "if you choose to live life normally, you will never get to see how amazing it can be or what you can achieve. This is applied to the way you think, and also everyday dressing and  style." said Amos Ananda Yeo. Injecting this mentality and attitude to create a new vision of constructed garments, the label has his eighth collection up to date and made its international debut presentation in Paris, June 2016.