在2018哈尔滨时装周上,MONROVA.design将展出四个主题的系列作品:“特别场合”、“ 春暖花开”、“艺术共生”以及“冬日樱桃”。




“ 春暖花开”系列以奶白色调为主,生动平滑滑的面料。从日常的穿着到奢华的晚装。





 At the show of HFW18 will present the collections of the four themes: “Special Occasion”, "Blooming Spring", "Symbiosis of the Arts" and "Winter Cherry".

Each mini-collection emphasizes the mood in tonality, but all of them are united by femininity, silhouettes, elements of gold decor.

Special Occasion is all about women.

Three Magnetic silky-lace dresses. Perfect looks for seduction.

The collection Blooming Spring is dominated by a milky-white tone, lively flowing fabrics. From everyday look to evening extravagant fashion.

5 looks of the collection involves viscose, velour, silk.

Winter cherry is a cult Russian movie about love, as well as a small berry that supplements a cocktail or cake, and the image of a woman. A warming-up cherry-red tone with embroidery, silk and lace. The most attractive color for men, the red symbol of passion and energy. Evening 8 dresses are represented by black velour, gold and sequins.

Symbiosis of the Arts was inspired by a blend of "Cubism" painting and modern architecture.

All shades of denim, interesting shapes, bold designs. Smart casual collection in 5 dresses.