Elio Art Couture by Elio Rivera品牌在纽约市Mayer梅耶时装设计学院完成了总体设计。

Arquelio Rivera曾全程参与了知名歌手Ricky Martin基金会的演出。他为巴拿马世界小姐、波多黎各小姐、著名的拉丁都市艺术家“Arcangel”搭配服装,负责波多黎各地球小姐的服装设计。因其作品具有不同款式和变化展现出他富有才华的设计风格,他被选为2013年度印度尼西亚世界小姐选美大赛中完成最优雅的25款最佳礼服的设计师之一。他也是“2013波多黎各都市时装周”的第一名,他的设计作品出现在尼日利亚、圣多美和加纳2015非洲精美脸庞大赛中,以及危地马拉、多米尼加共和国、意大利、俄罗斯等各地的红毯走秀中,也在美国最负盛名的儿童模特杂志比赛中展示过。



Elio Art Couture by Elio Rivera had accomplished master designing in Mayer School Of Fashion Designs in NY City . 

Arquelio Rivera has worked full out in the shows of the famous Singer Celebrity Ricky Martin Foundation show. He dressed up Miss Panama World ,Miss Universe Puerto Rico , the famous Latin Urban artist "Arcangel" he was in charge of the garments designs of Miss Earth Puerto Rico . As his Couture style of designs on evolution of different ways to showcase his talent he was selected as one of the  designers best of  25 most elegant gowns in Miss World 2013 Indonesia . As well he was the winner of first place in Urban Fashion Week 2013 in Puerto Rico , his designs being showcase and photo shoot in Nigeria, Sao Tome and Ghana in Exquisite Face of the universe 2015 Africa, Guatemala , Dominican Restatic ,Italy,Rusia, and various winners gowns of red carpet and competition also for children's and teens at the most prestigious Children Model Magazine of USA.... Child Model Magazine 

Collection Name "Preciosa" Inspired in the Colors of flowers of Puerto Rico!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to showcase in such amazing country !