Na Hong Sam——教育:2006年毕业于韩国湖南大学,视觉艺术学系,雕塑硕士,2009年毕业于KOLON <FIK> 设计专业。专业经历:2007年在“新锐设计师系列”中获得第三名,2008年参与“耐克森英雄”制服设计,2008年参与巴黎RENDEZ-VOUS FEMME展览,2008〜2009年荣获KOLON<FIK>一等奖,2009年发布品牌<CONCEPT LAB>,2009年发布品牌<SEID>,2010年<APM / U.US /设计师俱乐部>设计师批发商,2011年参加首尔<KITECH>哈萨克斯坦现场设计培训师,2011年第七大道X NA HONG SAM的合作,2008〜2012年参加<首尔时装周>展示,2012年参与韩国MBC电视台 EVERY1 <顶级设计师>节目(荣获第六名),2013年< BEAUCRE MERCHANDISING 时装企业>乐队玩家X NA HONG SAM的合作,2013〜2016年<GERERAL IDEA>设计领队,2016年< THE THIRD公司>创意总监,2016年参加<KODE 2017春夏系列>时装秀,2016参加<2017越南时装周春夏系列>时装秀NA HONG SAM。介绍:年轻设计师将“不止是个标签”作为口号,品牌评估并定义衣服的实际价值。品牌提供给客户最优的质量和最大的价值。品牌故事:2016 春夏系列的灵感,“差异与辨析”全球社会问题和冲突,发展中国家的可变文化,方向,创意,与众不同,独特,进步,当代的,独创性,概念,与众不同,“不只是个标签”,衣服是人们最基本的需求。所有这些衣服具有一个共同点:标签。标签不能决定衣服的价值。我们最重视的是客户,而不是品牌形象和品牌名称。品牌< THIRD >关注您的消费。我们通过将简单、前卫与传统混合,增加独创性,强调价值性。我们推荐用人道的客体呈现,并用现代材料进行物理着色。我们通过从传统和规则中寻找解决无价的旧系统的新方案。我们建议新的实践和基本原理,扩大客体范围,不限于时间、场合、地点以及未明确的项目。我们推荐简单优雅的都市风格的图片,不需要视觉上的奢华处理。

Na Hong Sam——Education:  In 2006, he was graduated from Honam University, studying in the department of Visual Arts with a master degree in sculpture, and graduated in KOLON University with a major in design. Professional Experience: in 2007, he was  awarded the 3rd place in Rising Designer Collection, and in 2008, he  participated in Nexen Heroes’ uniform design. In the same year, he participated in RENDEZ-VOUS FEMME Paris exhibition, and between 2008 and 2009, he was awarded the 1st place in KOLON. In 2009, he launched brands, including CONCEPT LAB, and SEID. In 2010, He became a Wholesale Shop designer. In 2011, he participated In Seoul <KITECH> Kazakhstan on-site training, and collaborated with X NA HONG SAM  of the 7th Avenue. During 2008 to 2012, he presented a show in SEOUL FASHION WEEK, and in 2012, he participated in MBC EVERY1, TOP DESIGNER, ranked TOP6. In 2013, he collaborated with the band player, X NA HONG SAM of BEAUCRE MERCHANDISING. During 2013 to 2016, he became the manager of design team, and in 2016, he became the creative director of THE THIRD.  In the same year, he participated in the Fashion Shows of the 2017 S/S Fashion Code and of the 2017 S/S Vietnam Fashion Week. Introduction:Young designers use “MORE THAN LABEL” as a slogan, and brand that values and defines clothes as they are. Brand that offers the best quality and value customers the most. Brand story : Inspirations of 2016 S/S are “Difference and Discrimination”, global issues and conflicts, the variable cultures of the developing countries. , as well as direction, creativity, difference, unique, progressive, contemporary, concept and extra ordinary, and “More Than Label”. Clothes are the most essential necessities of people. All these clothes share one thing in common: label. A label cannot determine the value of a cloth. We value the customers the most, not brand image or brand naming. The brand <THIRD> values your consumption. We regain originality and emphasize value by mixing simplicity, authenticity and tradition. We suggest the whole appearance presented by humane objects and physical coloring with modern materials.  We seek new solutions to solve the priceless old system via tradition and rules. We suggest new movements , basics and larger object range that is not limited to T.P.O. and undefined items. We suggest optimistic pictures by mixing simplicity and elegant urbanity without visual luxury.