“街头休闲服饰和半定制的叛逆混搭”是最适合描述T AND T独特性的词汇,因为品牌的系列服装是一种艺术风格,反映大城市中各种女性的生活方式;那些聪明、有独特偏好的社会女士;那些时髦的、不肯落后一步的时尚痴迷者;那些像男人一样积极主动、富有才华的新一代的聪明女性,不会导致无聊的生活和自己的兴奋。

T AND T品牌是限量款的系列作品,每个系列都在衣服的轮廓上融入了点金术或创新感的艺术,具有隐含的特征和细节,同时选用了优质的面料。“我想将T AND T作为一个代表性的品牌,以新的角度创新街头休闲服饰,将国际上流行的休闲风格的运动服装与现代意义上的“曼谷”相结合。我认为T AND T代表了像曼谷这样的大城市中的女性,她们不仅具有前瞻性思维,而且没有放弃泰国本土的严谨。这正是品牌的设计师和创始人Thanawut Thanasarnvimon极力想要呈现的。


Brand Introduction

‘A rebellious mixture of streetcostumesand semi-couture’ is the most appropriate word to describe the uniqueness of T And T since the brand’s collection has been the style of art that tries to reflect variousmetropolitanwomen’s lifestyles; who are social ladies that are clever with unique preference; who are fashion addict that are always trendy and never go out of fashion even one step behind; who are smart women of new generation that are active and talented as men which will not lead boring lives and have their ownexcitement.


The outstanding point of T And T brand derives from the creation of collection in a limited number, but each collection intercalates the art of alchemy or innovative perception in the silhouette of clothes, with concealed features and details, withqualitymaterials. “I want T And T to be a representative brand and change street costumes innovatively that mixes the internationally popular identities of sportswear with casual style and the reflection of “Bangkok” in modern descriptive term. I view that T And T represents women in the big cities like Bangkok who not only have advanced thinking but also do not abandon the scrupulousness of native Thai”. This is what Thanawut Thanasarnvimon, the designer and founder of the brand, is keen to present.


The results come up with a variety of clothing collection with individual setting, in which each collection becomes “Statement Piece” for modern women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people. Besides, each garment in the collection is able to mix independently with others, for instance, a sleeveless cropped top can be matched with skirt or chemise trousers for different looks and styles.