Shadoyan时装由叙利亚-亚美尼亚设计师Kevork Shadoyan在1999年创建。1997年,Kevork毕业于黎巴嫩的C.A.M.M, ESMOD时装学校,获得了成为一名服装设计师的资格。2004年,他被亚美尼亚的埃里温国立美术学院授予纺织制造的装饰设计硕士学位。Shadoyan时装品牌包括“高级定制”婚纱和晚礼服、成衣套装、休闲服饰、衬衫、鞋、包、配饰、项链,耳环以及纪念品。新系列已在许多国家上市,如美国、澳大利亚、乌克兰、白俄罗斯、格鲁吉亚、亚美尼亚和黎巴嫩,同时也登陆莫斯科和巴黎等时尚之都。Kevork是率先成功创立新锐、独特风格的服装设计师之一。他们将亚美尼亚的传统服饰元素与现代服装元素相结合。他设计的晚礼服具有独特的魅力,采用白色的生丝,染色后用带孔的圆珠点缀,再根据客户的喜好装饰刺绣。Shadoyan时装品牌的专有系列之一是“轮回”,是为纪念亚美尼亚大屠杀100周年而制作的。该系列中只有亚美尼亚的民族服饰。设计师采用传统服装面料、色彩和配饰,结合自己的想象力,创新了传统服饰,达到新与旧的完美结合。2015年4月18日,在莫斯科举办的Estet时装周期间,Kevork Shadoyan获得了最佳国外品牌系列奖。除了现自营的shadoyan时装店,Kevork也在自己的时装学院里教授服装设计和样板制作,同时也在埃里温国立美术学院授课。他还是亚美尼亚一所国际学校的美术老师。Kevork感激亚美尼亚国内外的许多著名人士的惠顾(包括歌手、乐队、舞蹈演员、播音员,超模,选美选手,商务人士和政治家)。Kevork Shadoyan的口号是:不去模仿,创造自己的风格,要做就做与众不同。

Shadoyan Couture House was founded in 1999 by the Syrian-Armenian fashion designer Kevork Shadoyan.In 1997, Kevork graduated from the C.A.M.M, ESMOD Fashion School in Lebanon and got qualified as a fashion designer.  In 2004, he was conferred his Master’s degree from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia as a “Decorative Design of Textile Manufacture”.The Shadoyan Fashion brand includes “Haute Couture” wedding and evening dresses, “Pret a porter” suites, casual dresses, shirts, shoes, bags, accessories, necklaces and earrings, as well as souvenirs. The new collections have been presented in many countries such as USA, Australia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Lebanon, as well as in fashion capitals such as Moscow and Paris.Kevork was one of the first fashion designers who managed to create a new and unique style by synthesizing the elements of Armenian traditional costumes and modern clothing.  His evening dresses have some unique charm due to the fact that he uses white raw silk, which is dyed and covered with beads and then embroidered according to his clients’ tastes. One of the exclusive collections of the Shadoyan Fashion brand is called “Reincarnation” and is dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial. The collection only includes Armenian national costumes. The designer revived the traditional costumes by synthesizing his imagination with the standards of the fabrics, colors and ornaments of traditional costumes and got a beautiful mix of the old and the new.Kevork Shadoyan won the prize for Best Foreign Collection at the “Estet Fashion Week” event held in Moscow on April 18, 2015.In addition to owning and operating the Shadoyan Fashion Couture House, Kevork also teaches fashion designing and pattern making in his own fashion school as well as at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. He is also an Art teacher at an International School in Armenia.Kevork appreciates and enjoys the patronage of many famous people in Armenia and abroad (singers, music bands, dancers, announcers, top models, beauty pageant contestants, business ladies and politicians).Kevork Shadoyan's slogan is: Don't imitate others, create your own and be distinguished.