Noemi Braz的品牌NOEN Design于2016年初进入匈牙利市场。该品牌具有实用性,充满非传统的年轻活力的感觉。 这是NOEN的本质。珠宝首饰、服装和包都是品牌的一部分。 这种多样性是NOEN设计的创立原则之一。 我们的创意和尝试过程具有生态友好的特点。 技术创新、各种材料以及我们大胆选用的图案开启了穿戴奢华的大门。 独特的限量款首饰、手工制作的细节和设计师通过构想设计出的图案构成了NOEN设计的品质,便从一开始延续着。

Noemi Braz’s brand ’NOEN Design’ entered the Hungarian market in the beginning of 2016. The brand was created in the name of wearability and is defined by a young, unconventional and energetic vibe. That is the essence of NOEN. Designer jewellery, clothes and bags are all part of the brand. This diversity is one of NOEN Design’s founding principles. Our creative and experimental process is characterized by an eco-friendly view. Technological innovations, diverse materials and our daring use of patterns opens the door to wearable extravagance. The unique, limited number jewellery, the handcrafted details and the pattern envisioned and created by the designer with the cohesion of form provides the quality that is NOEN Design, and it has been since the start.