Dasha Gauser

Dasha Gauser是俄罗斯最知名和最受欢迎的年轻设计师之一。她设计的服装在年轻时尚的女性中非常畅销。Dasha Gauser品牌的每个系列都充满着女人味和性感,其风格也在不断变化着。设计师通过褶裥、编织和有层次的面料将轮廓复杂化。品牌使用天然面料,诸如丝绸、羊毛、亚麻和棉。Dasha Gauser 品牌历史起源于2006年,当时Dasha Gauzer在墙上贴了张字条:“第一件要做的事:辞掉工作。“难怪Dasha被称为时尚界的灰姑娘,因为当时的她没有多少可投入资金。女装的建筑几何设计图案是品牌的标志。Dasha总是能预测出未来几个月后的流行趋势。2008年,Dasha Gauzer在俄罗斯时装周上发布首秀。如今,Dasha Gauser是梅赛德斯-奔驰俄罗斯时装周的常客,也是重要嘉宾。品牌具有两个服装系列以及配饰系列:第一个服装系列是用于出席梅赛德斯-奔驰俄罗斯时装周时穿着,包含各种样式,主要以晚礼服为主。当红明星、走红毯嘉宾、时尚杂志编辑和造型师都喜爱这一系列服装。时尚专业人士和明星为年轻的女孩们做出了榜样,鼓励她们出席重要场合时选择该系列服装。第二个服装系列是是为日常生活而设计的。女孩们以合理的价格就能买到设计师设计的服装。配饰系列 — 尤其是女包和搭配男式衬衫的手包,使整体形象完整起来。品牌服装最初在设计师的博客上展示,赢得了大量粉丝们的喜爱。早在2006年, Dasha Gauzer选择了在线销售和社交网络。2008年, 她在莫斯科开设了第一个Dasha Gauzer精品店,并在2012年创立了第二个Dasha Gauzer工作室。2014年2月在乐天广场开设了她的第三个精品店。此外,Dasha Gauser品牌在俄罗斯很多地区展出,包括喀山、圣彼得堡、秋明、伊尔库茨克、阿纳帕、乌兰乌德、布拉茨克、萨马拉、克拉斯诺达尔、巴尔瑙尔等等。

Dasha Gauser history of the brand began in 2006, when Dasha Gauzer pinned to the wall piece of paper with the inscription: "The feat №1: quit her job." No wonder Dasha called fashion-Cinderella, as she built her story without any investment. The very first product was selected in the course of femininity and sensuality, and the basis of the collection was the dress. Recognizable brand DNA is the geometry and design architectural forms of dress. Mark prides itself for creating models are mainly used natural fabrics: silk, wool, linen and cotton.In 2008, as part of Russian Fashion Week, the debut show of the designer. Today Dasha Gauzer is a regular participant and headliner Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.The brand has two lines of clothing and accessories line:The first line of clothing is presented in a professional site Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and consists of a complex, mostly cocktail dresses to go out. The clothing line is selected from the first stars to the red carpet, and the editor of glossy magazines and stylists charge for statications. Example of fashion professionals and stars inspires the girls choose dresses from the first line to celebrate important events.The second line of clothing designed for everyday life. The pricing policy for this line allows any girl to buy the actual designer dress at the right price.The line of accessories - it is, above all, slozhnosochinennye clutches, bags with pockets of men's shirts - all in order to make the image of the whole and complete.The first "point of sale" for the brand became a designer blog where exhibited dresses have won their fans. Back in 2006, Dasha opted to on-line sales and social networking. In 2008, he opened the first boutique Dasha Gauser in Moscow, and in 2012 - the second, at the experimental studio Dashi Gauzer. And in February 2014 the designer opened her third boutique in Lotte Plaza. In addition to single-brand boutiques brand is represented in miltibrendovyh stores in the regions of Russia: Kazan, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Anapa, Ulan-Ude, Bratsk, Samara, Krasnodar, Barnaul and others.