Marina Reimann

Marina Reimann是德国时尚界的新锐设计师之一。这位柏林设计师的同名品牌专注为现代坚强而自信的女性设计服装。Marina Reimanns的时尚不可能被束缚在同一个模具里。她的时尚是多面的:时而奢侈,时而克制,时而华丽,时而经典,但一直与众不同。柏林设计师为那些想凸显其性格的坚强女性设计时装。与她同名的品牌成立于2012年。从那时起,Marina Reimann一直在她的时装里突出俏皮和神奇的感觉。她想通过作品激发梦想,打破日常生活的枯燥。选用各种各样的布料,有飘逸的,有奢华的,完美地彰显女性气质。她也喜欢混搭布料。在她的系列中,Marina Reimann总是将女性的内心世界和需要面临的挑战相结合。短款礼服和晚礼服、外套、上衣或短裙是她的创作的主要方向,如果有需求,也会配备裤子。设计师从生活中寻找创作灵感:从旅行、城市、博物馆、音乐、日常生活甚至打高尔夫球时。毕竟,Marina Reimann适用于高尔夫秋的让杆数7.8!

Marina Reimann is a promising newcomer to the German fashion community. With her label of the same name, Marina Reimann, the Berlin designer focuses on fashion for the modern, strong, and self-confident woman. Marina Reimann's fashion cannot be squeezed into a mould. Her fashion is versatile: sometimes extravagant, sometimes restrained, opulent at times, sometimes classic, but always special. The Berlin based designer creates fashion for the strong woman who wants to emphasize her character. The label to which she lent her own name was founded in 2012. Since then it has always been important to Marina Reimann to accentuate the playful and the magical characeristics in her fashions. With her designs, she wants to inspire dreams, and likes to break the dullness of daily life. A wide variety of fabrics is used, from elegant to luxury ones, to bring out the perfection in femininity. She also likes to mix materials and fabrics. In her collections, Marina Reimann always combines the inner spirit and the needs of a woman with the ever-present challenges of here and now. Short dresses and evening gowns, coats, tops or skirts are the main focuses of her designs, but if it's needed, there are also pants. The designer finds inspiration for her creations in life itself: in traveling, in the city, in the museum, in music, in everyday life - or even in golfing. After all, Marina Reimann can refer to the handicap 7.8!