LONGSHAW WARD是一个女装和配饰品牌,于9月推出春夏系列。2017系列,由夫妻团队David Longshaw和Kirsty Ward共同创造。Kirsty和David在Alberta Ferretti的设计工作室相遇。在意大利工作之前,他们在圣马丁斯和皇家艺术学院学习,他们在2010年分别推出了自己的同名品牌。“我们很高兴终于携手并结合我们的天赋创造这个新的成衣品牌。在创造我们各自品牌时,我们一直给予对方建议,但我们觉得现在是时候聚在一起,利用各自在品牌发展中获得的经验,创造一个令人兴奋的、更强的品牌。“品牌的主要特性将是具有强烈美感的当代元素。系列将专注于美丽而细致的工艺,服务于现代、聪明的女性。每件衣服都是在英国制造的,使用精心选购的面料和材料。较之前两人的品牌,创意合作具有独特的风格。在该品牌中设计师仍运用强烈的珠宝技术,服装分层和男性化的轮廓,而不是更多女性化的垂褶和手绘美学。

LONGSHAW WARD is a Womens' costumes and accessories label and released a Spring/Summer collection in September. 2017 collection was created by a couple, Kirsty Ward and David Longshaw. Kirsty and David met in the design studio of Alberta Ferretti. Having studied at St Martins and the Royal College of Art before working in Italy, they both separately launched their own eponymous labels in 2010.‘We are thrilled to be finally joining forces and combining our talents for this new RTW label. We have always advised each other when working on our own individual collections, but we feel now it is the time to come together to create something exciting, using the experience gained from our own labels to make one even stronger brand.’Covetable contemporary pieces with a strong aesthetic will be the main principles of the brand’s DNA. The collections will concentrate on beautiful, detailed craftsmanship, for modern, intelligent women. All pieces are made in the UK, using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials.The creative partnership has its own unique handwriting to that of the two individuals’previous labels. The brand still echoes the designers strong jewellery techniques, garment layering and plays with masculine shapes against more feminine drape and hand painted aesthetic.