Toshikazu Iwaya ,1974年出生于日本横滨;1995年毕业于东京文化服装学院,主修男装设计课程;1996年加入艾特旺斯有限公司(AT ONE'S Co.,Ltd);2002年创立“DRESSCAMP”时装品牌,任该品牌设计师;2009年3月离开艾特旺斯有限公司(AT ONE'S Co.,Ltd) ,创立了“DRESS33”品牌,并在2009年春夏巴黎时装展初次亮相;2009年4月为“三便士歌剧(导演:Amon Miyamoto)”设计演出服;负责“文化村20周年”项目;2009年5月担任亚瑟士集团旗下品牌“鬼冢虎 ”和“顶级影响线”的创意总监;2011年为世界田径锦标赛、国际排联组织的世界杯排球赛的日本代表队设计制服;2012年为舞台剧“绿野仙踪(导演:Amon Miyamoto)”设计演出服;自发布13SS系列后回归“DRESSCAMP”担任设计师,并加入“桂由美”创意团队任创意总监;2015年在松尾有限公司开始接触婚纱品牌“W BY IWAYA TOSHIKAZU”

Toshikazu Iwaya 1974 Born in Yokohama, Japan. 1995 Graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Menswear design course, 1996 Joined AT ONES’ Co.,Ltd, 2002 Launched “DRESSCAMP” ,assumed the position of its designer March Left AT ONES’ Co.,Ltd Established the brand “DRESS33” and made his debut in Paris collection of 2009 spring/summer; In  April 2009, he was responsible for costume design for the musical “The Threepenny Opera (producor: Amon Miyamoto)”as the Bunkamura 20th anniversary project. In May, he became the creative director of “ONITSUKA TIGER” and “Top Impact Line” of the ASICS group. In 2011, he offered uniform design for the World Championships in Athletics Japan team and FIVB World Cup Volleyball Japan team. In 2012, he was responsible for costume design for the musical “The WIZ ( Directed by Amon Miyamoto). He returned to be a DRESSCAMP’ s designer since 13SS collection and joined “YUMI KATSURA’ s creative team as a design director. In 2015, He started the Wedding Brand “W BY IWAYA TOSHIKAZU” in MATSUO company Limited.