CARPEDM或Carpe Diem发现了生活的隐藏意义。我的名字是Dobrava,我是CARPEDM的创始人。在我看来,无论你做什么,都要享受每一天,这很重要。我三十六岁,来自斯洛伐克。以前我是一位专业舞蹈演员和教练。同时,我为自己和其他舞蹈演员定做服装。嘻哈文化确实和我有着非常密切的关系,也是我大多数的设计想法的来源。几年前,我创造性地决定开创自己的品牌CARPEDM。另外,我工作时我需要没有任何限制的自由感觉。我有个六岁的男孩,他是我品牌的重要部分。他不仅是我们的小模特,也是我的重要灵感来源,因为我们相信,无论你做什么,都要享受每一天,这很重要。CARPEDM设计生产运动裤,我们是世界上唯一一家如此大规模地设计运动裤的公司,颜色范围也如此之广。我们的产品可以搭配各种类型的服装,带来不同的组合和变化。我们专为男士、女士和儿童设计。我们的系列产品很受顾客欢迎,因此,我们将一直生产下去。这就意味着顾客总会在我们这找到他们喜欢的运动裤。每年我们根据不同的材料和颜色搭配,结合我们的经验设计限量款的系列作品。CARPEDM拥有自己的设计工作室,由五名经验丰富的设计师组成,我们还与知名的面料生产商合作。

CARPEDM or Carpe Diem found the hidden meaning of life. My name is Dobrava and I'm the founder of CARPEDM. In my opinion, it is very important to enjoy your day no mater what you do. I'm 36 years old and I come from Slovakia. I used to be a professional dancer and trainer. Along with my career, I started to design costumes for myself and other dancers. I do have very close relationship with hip hop culture, where most of the ideas for design come from. I have decided to start my own brand CARPEDM creatively a few years ago. Also when I'm working I need to feel freedom without any limits. I'm mum of a 6-year-old boy, who is a very big part of my brand. Apart from that he models for us, he is also a big inspiration of me, because we believe that it is very important to enjoy your day no mater what you do. CARPEDM is a very unique type of production because we design sweatpants and we are the only company in the world which has such large range of designs ajnd colors of sweatpants. Our products can match with different types of clothing which will create many different combinations and variations. We design specifically for men, women and kids. In our portfolio we have basic line, which is very welcomed by customers, therefore we will always keep producing them. What it meant is that our customers will always find their favorite sweatpants among our costumes. Once a year, we design limited collection and each year I am based on different experiences in terms of material and color combinations. CARPEDM has its own design studio with 5 amazing experienced designers and we also cooperate with well-known fabrics producers.