Anastasia Solovyeva,出生日期:1979年3月3日;出生地点:彼尔姆边疆区,别列兹尼基市;现居住和工作地点:莫斯科;教育:高等;毕业学校:伊凡诺夫国立纺织学院;参与项目:参与比赛:Russian Silhouette慈善基金会举办的国际年轻服装设计师大赛,俄罗斯Smirnoff时尚大奖,KALEIDOSCOP以及2015和2016莫斯科时装周。目前,她正研发自己的服装品牌“ASYA SOLOV'EVA”, 为当代戏剧和芭蕾舞剧设计服装。2014年索契冬奥会时,她参与创作演出服装。Asya Soloveva品牌的新一季带来了一个光明的未来,充满美好和期待。品牌系列的主要特点是中性的廓形和笨重的单品,男女皆宜的形状模拟出3D按压效果。该系列包括女士和男士的夹克,羊毛衫和饰有霓虹灯、白热灯丝以及不对称褶边的大衣。设计师结合了天然和科技合成面料,创造了一个复杂的图像架构。色彩最能反映出“万花筒”主题系列,展现奇异组合中的明亮颜色:铁蓝、酷银、深粉、霓虹黄。面料装饰着带有各种颜色的大块亮片的刺绣。“万花筒” - 这是大胆的尝试,运用形状、比例、颜色和材料来展现设计师的基本理念:生活就是神话般的万花筒的感觉,以及快乐的假日带给你的印象。

Anastasia Solovyeva, Date of birth: 03.03.1979; Place of birth: Berezniki, Permskaya Oblast; Current residence and place of work: Moscow; Education: Higher Education;graduated from Ivanovo State Textile Academy (IGTA);Participation in Projects: Participant of the contests: "Russian silhouette", " Smirnoff",KALEIDOSCOP and MFW 2015,2016.Currently, she is working on her own fashion line "ASYASOLOV'EVA",  and creating costumes for contemporary theatres and ballets. She took part in creation of outfits and costumes for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.New Asya Soloveva season offers a glimpse into a bright future with optimism and expectation of magic. The key features of the collection were androgynous silhouettes articles and bulky items, unisex shape that mimics the 3D-press.The collection includes women's and men's model jackets, cardigans and coats decorated with neon accents, glowing filaments footprint and asymmetrical ruffles. Designer combines natural and tech synthetic fabrics, creating a complex architecture of images.The color palette best reflects the theme «KALEIDOSCOPE» collection, revealing the bright colors in the bizarre combinations: steel blue, cool silver, deep pink, neon yellow. Fabrics are decorated with embroidery of the big multi-colored sequins.«KALEIDOSCOPE» - it's a bold experiment with forms, proportions, colors and materials that reveal the basic idea of the designer: life - this fabulous kaleidoscope of sensations, impressions and magical holiday that is always with you.