品牌BLKH源于拥有20多年丰富经验的设计师和生产经理之间的通力合作。设计师Lee KwangHo以一种全新的方式设计,由娴熟的手艺人制造出高品质的产品。

BLKH品牌的设计师Lee KwangHo曾就职于一家大型韩国公司(CHRISTIAN LACROIX,Series,TIME HOMME),担任创意总监15余年,他专注于设计师的系统化思维。

BLKH is a collaboration between a designer with over 20 years experienced and a production manager. The designer Lee Kwang-Ho suggests a fresh way of the design and the skilled craftsman makes the high quality product.

BLKH designer Lee Kwang Ho has been working as a creative director for a big Korean company (CHRISTIAN LACROIX, Series, TIME HOMME) over 15 years and he focuses on little more systematization of the designer's mind.