设计师Jerome Taylor于2014年创立了品牌NOT FOR YOU,其胶囊系列时装畅销各地。自此,Jerome Taylor节节攀升。从下赫特市的一名屋顶修理工,到成为一名手握NZ新西兰时尚科技学院的时尚设计和技术专业学位的优秀缝纫匠人和样板师,Jerome Taylor一路走来披荆斩棘。

Taylor过去五年在新西兰时尚舞台上表现不凡,其作品无疑是引人注目的。Taylor在新西兰时装周上的大秀赢取了Newshub、Seven Sharp、the Dominion Past、Vice和Fashion TV的注意。他也为音乐家Flume和 Pusha T量制成衣,在总理奖学金的赞助下他参观了印度纺织业,并成为NZ新西兰时尚科技学院的形象代言人,以及2017年惠灵顿时尚项目初期的高层参与者。如今Taylor以设计师导师的身份参与到了2018年的时尚展中。

Taylor has been prominent on the New Zealand fashion scene over the last five years, and his work has certainly been eye-catching. His shows at New Zealand Fashion Week have garnered attention from Newshub, Seven Sharp, the Dominion Past, Vice and Fashion TV. He has also created garments for musicians Flume and Pusha T, toured the textile industry in India on a Prime Ministers scholarship, been named as an ambassador for NZ Fashion Tech and, on top of being part of the first Project Fashion Wellington in 2017, is now serving as a mentor for designers taking part in the 2018 iteration.

Jerome Taylor launched Not For You in 2014 as a sell-out capsule collection. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength. A qualified machinist and pattern maker with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology from New Zealand Fashion Tech, Taylor has come a long way since his days as a roofer in Lower Hutt.