迄今为止,Nargassi以NARGASSI品牌发布了9个成衣系列,牢牢吸引了本土和国际众多时尚大咖的注意力,并频繁出现在各大知名时尚杂志和博客上。2015年,Nargassi将其2016/17秋冬系列搬上了特拉维夫时尚周的舞台,参与大型的贸易展览,如WHITE, Pitti Uomo佛罗伦萨男装展, Who's Next and more;在2016年和2017年,Nargassi当选为以色列时尚大奖中的以色列最佳男装设计师,2018年Nargassi同样获此殊荣。

The label Nargassi  was established in the beginning of 2013, taking an active part in the renaissance of the Menswear fashion scene in Nargassi's homeland, catering the modern individual who’s on the search for innovative fashion with a personal touch and attention to details.

Clean-cut & minimalistic design blended in with contrasts and graphic cuts & geometrical forms, the label's lines are highly wearable and functional keeping the commercial value a secondary feature.

Nargassi’s inspiration derives from his personal biography & inner world, born to a Jewish orthodox family but leading a secular lifestyle, drawn to the conflicts & tension between religion & secularism, issues of gender and it’s interpretation.

Up to now, Nargassi had released 9 collections under the Nargassi  label, catching the eye of many fashion experts, both Israeli & international, being featured in Major Fashion magazines and blogs. On 2015 Nargassi showcased his collection for Fall Winter 2016/17 at Tel-Aviv's Fashion Week, participated in major trade shows such as WHITE, Pitti Uomo, Who's Next and more; in the years 2016 and 2017 Nargassi was selected as Best Menswear Designer of Israel at the Israeli Fashion Awards, Nargassi is also nominated for the 2018 prize.