品牌RICH MNISI是由2014年度非洲国际时尚青年设计师获奖者Rich Mnisi于2015年创立的南非现代跨界品牌。凭借着全球化的视角,RICH MNISI朝气蓬勃,对财富隽永的非洲和充满现代文化和遗产的世界不断进行探索,娓娓讲述着过去、现在和将来的故事。所有这一切都浓缩在将设计和工艺作为至关重要的首要驱动力的极简抽象结构里。

RICH MNISI既保留了现代形象,又坚持美感,将艺术想象融为一体。在时尚领域之外,RICH MNISI受到包括电影、音乐、艺术和自然界的灵感启发,沉浸其中并取舍有度,取其精华去其糟粕,为RICH MNISI开拓新层次和新视角奠定基础。

RICH MNISI牢牢吸引了本地和国际媒体的注意力,出现在了《嘉人》、《ELLE》、《金融时报》、《时尚中国》、《时尚俄罗斯》、《Bella Nigeria》、《Business Class》、《GQ》、《Chasseur》、《Dazed&Confused》、《邮卫报》、《House&Leisure》、《英国Fashion Glossary》、《Fucking Young》、《真实非洲》、《Dossier》、《i-D Vice》、《GQ Style》、《Hunger》、《时尚意大利》、《High Snobiety》、《时装L’official马尼拉》、《Sicky》、《沃斯全球时尚网》、《BBC》、《女装日报》、《星期日泰晤士报》等等时尚杂志的专栏。

RICH MNISI is a South African based contemporary multi-disciplinary brand founded in 2015 by Africa Fashion International Young Designer of the Year 2014, Rich Mnisi. With a global view the brand is young at heart and explores the treasures engraved within Africa and the world of modern culture and heritage to tell the unique stories of then, now and soon. All this packaged in extremist yet minimalist structures which take design and craftsmanship as the first and foremost motivation.

The brand is carved to maintain a contemporary outlook and stand firm in an aesthetic that brings worlds of artistic imagination together. RICH MNISI breeds new layers and visions inspired by sources outside of the realm of fashion, including film, music, art and nature, being immersed but measured, picking up only the fitting notes to gather as foundation.

RICH MNISI has grabbed the attention of both local and international media, appearing in the editorial pages of Marie Claire, ELLE, Financial Times, Vogue China, Vogue Russia, Bella Nigeria, Business Class, GQ, Chasseur, Dazed and Confused, Mail and Guardian, House and Leisure, Fashion Glossary UK, Fucking Young, True Africa, Dossier, i-D Vice, GQ Style, Hunger, Vogue Italia, High Snobiety, L’official Manila, Sicky, WGSN, BBC, WWD, Sunday Times and more.