DEVON LONDON是由越南设计师Devon Nguyen在伦敦创立的女装设计品牌,于2011年8月正式推出。DEVON LONDON凭借其华丽的年度系列时装在越南时尚圈占据了卓越的地位。


DEVON LONDON的目标群体是女性,因为女性了解什么是生活之美,什么亲肤舒适,不为取悦他人,只为自己盛装打扮。






华贵优雅、落落大方,兼具浪漫和反叛,身着DEVON LONDON的女性深知什么是生活之美,什么亲肤舒适,不为取悦他人,只为自己盛装打扮。

DEVON LONDON womenswear design label, established in London by Vietnamese designer Devon Nguyen. Devon London as a brand was officially launched in August 2011 and has made a remarkable position in Vietnamese fashion industry with gorgeous annual collections.

Her style is always dialogue between masculine and feminine. Mannish or womanly, the clothes usually give an effortless cool attitude, signature digital printing or embroidery unique details. 

DEVON LONDON customer target are women who know what is beautiful in life, comfortable in their own skins, dress up for nobody else but themselves.

“Fashion design is about making the unknown, known.Making the unwanted, wanted, and making the impossible, possible.A thought becomes a design and the design becomes iconic.”


Her collections always focus on innovating the shape by adopting a modern allure at once radical and compelling. She has successfully introduced the contemporary luxury fashion art by using some of the most noble British fabrics, well-honed expertise and the refined Vietnamese handmade technique.

Her style is always a combination between masculine and feminine. Mannish or womanly, all pieces give an effortless cool attitude. Devon's designs combine a distinctive aesthetic with meticulous details of digital printing or embroidery. Her work is expressed by her straight bold use of colours, mischievousness, the wildness and youthful character.

Elegant, good manner, romantic but rebellious, the women of Devon London know what the beauty in life is, they are comfortable in their skin and dress up for nobody else but themselves.