Keita Ebihara在日本出生长大,在久负盛名的神户大奖赛上获胜,使其在意大利遇见了来自新加坡的联合创始人和合伙人Elizabeth Soon;Elizabeth Soon在《时尚》“人才招募”赛事中的成就也为其铺就了通往米兰的道路。两人在意大利米兰攻读硕士学位期间作为同学有了交集。毕业之际,成立了品牌AMETSUBI。同时,在日本发展了这一品牌,工业化剪裁和风格专为现代消费群体设计,同时致力于创造品牌独一无二的原创搭配和面料。

Keita Ebihara, born and trained in Japan, won the prestigious Kobe contest which placed him in Italy where he met cofounder and partner Elizabeth Soon from Singapore; who won VOGUE, ‘Call for talents’ competition which set her path to Milan. Their paths crossed during their master studies, in Italy, Milan as classmates. Upon graduation, the label AMETSUBI was founded. Together, based in Japan they grew their brand, engineering cuts and styles for the modern wearer and constantly working to create original fabrications and textiles unique to the brand.