意大利著名服装设计师Giancarlo Mossi Borella,1979年毕业于著名的意大利米兰马兰欧尼时装学院,专业为服装设计,主修纺织商品学、艺术史及服装史。多年来,Mossi先生与Giorgio Armani、Legler Group在内的诸多著名欧洲设计师和时装集团合作,都取得了成功。


1995年,其同名系列时装”Giancarlo Mossi Borella”在米兰时装周发布并获得巨大成功。



Giancarlo Mossi Borella, a well known Italian fashion designer. He was graduated from Istituto Marangoni fashion designing School in 1979, majoring in textile merchandise, art history and clothing history. He successfully cooperated with renowned brands designers and fashion groups for years, such as Mr Mossi, Giorgio Armani, Legler Group and so on. 

In 1990, he won the Best Fashion Designer Award.

In 1995, In Milan Fashion Week, the brand “Giancarlo Mossi Borella”named after Mr Mossi was released and highly reputated .

In 1999, he visited China and as chief counselor to cooperate with local suppliers for the first time

In 2009, he engaged as the artistic director in Aolisha designing wedding and evening dresses. In the same year, he became the design director of Maple Aroma and Ivy house.